Godiva Boutique & JRF Rogue Milliner for go reborn

Photography by DN Anderson

For one lovely May day we relocated to the historical Roman lands of Biggar to showcase Godiva Boutique and JRF Rogue Milliner’s spring wares. The results are phenomenal, and a far cry from the infamous forest parties that the Kirkwwod ewok village had previously corrupted us with. A noble nod goes to photographer DN Anderson who took one (branch that is) in the eye from Jono before shooting had even begun..

photography: DN Anderson
art directors: Jono Freemantle & Fleur MacIntosh
production: Jaco Justice & Merlin Bonning
make up: Ebony Aston Smith
hair: Jan Geddes & Hilary Macaulay
models: Danni Menzies (stolen agency)
Martyna Buden (colours agency)
+ special thanks to the Bonnings of Kirkwood

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