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For the first weekend of July 2011 we took over Studio128 for our remix exhibit and party. You’ll have hopefully have read the brief we set so here are the results.

As you can see there was many a mix of artist method in the ‘remix’; David Lemm projected upon his Massie canvas, Jonathan Freemantle went for a saw; while Stuart McMorris and Robbie Porter reacted with all new pieces.
Perhaps the most poignant of responses was Kevin Harman’s connection between rural and urban by way of his doormat.
An interesting aside from the work allocation process was that all the artists chose a different Massie piece to work with (each artist had been asked to choose the top three from twelve they would accept in this process). Handy really as there could be no sharing of Massie’s works as the invited artist could do entirely what they so desired with the piece.

Artist info, prices on request here

Fraser Sim
The Human Condition (After Magritte, Midas Touch Remix)
Acrylic on Claudia Massie board, 38 x 60cm

Jonathan Freemantle
Orpheus Sat Gloomy in his Garden Shed
Oil, Humbrol enamel and house paint on canvas, 127 x 127cm

As Above, So Below
Oil and Humbrol enamel on Claudia Massie board, 30 x 10cm

David Lemm
Good,Becoming Moderate Occasionally Poor
Video projected onto Claudia Massie canvas

Kevin Harman
Honey I’m Home
Rubber over Claudia Massie board

Stuart McMorris
5-colour screen print (acrylic based inks), 60×60 cm (edition of 6)

John Maclean Bryden
Watching From Home (left)
Kodak Porta 400 Film, digital print, PVC mount, 50 x 39cm

Kodak Porta 400 Film, digital print, PVC mount, 50 x 39cm

Robbie Porter
Ink on paper, Photoshop, 20 x 40cm (edition of 20)

Matt Swan
Blue Wobble Faced Guy With a Nice Checked Jumper Looking a Bit Nervous
Acrylic, spray-paint and varnish on Claudia Massie board, 40 x 60cm

Gen Ryan
The Big Animal of Rock Sings (left)
Acrylic on Claudia Massie board, 60 x 120cm

Living Feathers
Acrylic on Claudia Massie board, 60 x 120cm

Mixed medium on Massie Canvas, 100×155


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